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Special Introduction Offer!


Guarding Your Digital Reputation is a 4-lesson series designed to help youth, hyphen, small groups or the general congregation understand the importance of their online activity.


Proverbs 22:1 says "our good name is more precious than silver or gold." As Christians, we have to work diligently to protect our name and reputation. This series will help to guide the class down a path where their online activity honors God and is the witness He wants it to be.  Whether it is social media, blogs, mobile apps or any other new venue that technology dreams up we, Christians, can learn to participate in them while glorifying God.


Lesson 1 Covers:  What is a Digital Reputation.

Lesson 2 Covers:  How is a Digital Reputation formed.

Lesson 3 Covers:  The impact your Digital Reputation can have on your life and witness.

Lesson 4 Covers:  How to create a "good" Digital Reputation.


This bundle includes:

2 DVD's with four 10 to 15-minute videos to help start each class

1 CD with master .pdf files of all the printable worksheets for each class, marketing materials and other resources

1 facilitator’s guide
1 flash drive with everything on it


The money raised from the sale of this product will be used to support our new church launch in Florissant, Missouri. Additionally, for each bundle sold Impact Communities will give a matching donation of $69 for our church development!

CIAD (Church In A Day) Support - Package2

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